Double Propeller Ceiling Fan

How to Make Propeller Ceiling Fan

You can make a propeller ceiling fan by using collection of airplane parts. Just like what I am having one in my garage, it can be your inspiring ideas. I had fount old propeller and added it into my garage as decoration. I did not know what to do when it was first found it and then an idea came across my mind. Converting it into a ceiling fan was [...]

Mid Century Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan No Light

Vintage Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan is vintage and when it comes to contemporary design, you can choose one with lights to have optimal functionality. Hunter has this amazing piece of fixture that you can install for your home improvement. It looks rusty and you remote control can be wonderful addition to make complete design of home fixture. It is one of the amazing innovations for home ceiling with modern and [...]

Decorative Coffered Ceiling Detail

DIY Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Coffered ceiling – Do it yourself installation of coffered ceiling design can be created to make interesting home decorating styles. There are things to put in mind when it comes to creating the ceiling like safety glasses, pencil, tape measure, miter saw, 2×4 lumber, chalk line (snap line), nail gun, wood glue, 1/4-inch oak, molding, stain, paint brushes and clean cloths. Just follow these steps to get yourself the very [...]

Textured Ceiling Paintings Tips

How to Textured Ceiling Paint Ideas

Textured ceiling paint adds life expectancy, durability and versatility into the room. There are two ways to make textured ceilings by using a paint roller. One of the available options is by adding granules to paint to give you an easy and quickly way in rolling on texture. The other option is by using thinned drywall compound. Each one of the method options offers different texturing capabilities and benefits. The [...]

Projector Ceiling Mount Cable Management

DIY Projector Ceiling Mount Ideas

Projector ceiling mount can be installed by applying do it yourself ideas. Just browse the net to get some more inspiration in how to do the installation. Projector wall mounts and projector ceiling mounts are available both in manufacturer and generic brands. Projector mounts offer an excellent means of the projector’s positioning to get the optimal size of image not to mention better viewing angle for your viewing surface or [...]

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans for Homes

Antique Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

Belt driven ceiling fans – You can find them antique as the very first ceiling fans ever created. They have been around since the turn of the century. You can apply DIY ideas to make the unique ceiling fans. The ceiling fans are operated by a single motor that drives a belt stretched between each of individual fan. You can attach the belt drive motor on the ceiling or wall. [...]

How to Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

How to Make Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

You can make ceiling fan blade covers by yourself by pouring creativity into design and style. It is also going to be interesting to remodel the ceiling fans. When it comes to decorating a room, ceiling fans are often to become an overlooked fixture. Changing the ceiling fan would be costly and too technical. In how to make a wonderful ceiling fan covers, you can make the space becomes interesting. [...]

Vintage Indoor Outdoor Nautical Ceiling Fans

The Amazing Nautical Ceiling Fans

Nautical ceiling fans – Trendy ceiling fans for your home decor. The fans are absolutely such innovative design of ceiling fixtures with latest styles. When it comes to home ceiling designs with nursery, nautical theme is certainly a very good pieces. You can get one especially at Minka Aire fans that provides wide selection of nautical fans with trendy and innovative designs. The high quality of motor power and the [...]

Luxury 12x12 Ceiling Tiles Lowes

All about 12×12 Ceiling Tiles

12×12 ceiling tiles – The enclosure is designed to be able in allowing antenna system and access point. You can install the tiles aesthetically with pleasing system. You will find that the hardware allows you to easily suspend as the ceiling tile grid in the same fashion. It must be suspended when it comes to ceiling tile enclosure by using wire to the structure of roof. This can be done [...]

Unique Hunter Ceiling Fan Original Models

Unique Hunter Ceiling Fan

Hunter ceiling fan has unique designs and styles to offer in featuring aesthetic value and easy installation. Lowes and Home Depot are online sites that best in providing you most exquisite pieces of ceiling fan of Hunter. Ceiling Hunter fans  are so perfect for low ceiling designs in your home. Choosing one with lights is for sure a very good pick for better performance. Low ceiling with Hunter fans with [...]